The prayer

Liturgy of the Hours

Our day is basically structured around the Liturgy of the Hours which consists of praying the psalms at key moments of the day. In that way, we consecrate to God the totality of our time by relaunching, moment by moment, continued prayer.

The best preparation and best fruit of prayer in the Community is, in fact, personal prayer, coming from the heart, which opens heaven to our work and permits us to always remain in contact with the core of our being where God himself dwells.

To this end the Adoration of the Eucharist and the divine readings are a great  help to us.

The Convent Week

Moments of prayer open to our guests


From Monday to Friday

06:00 Office of readings
06:50 Morning Prayer
08:30 Holy Mass
12:15 Midday Prayer (15 minutes)
15:00 Afternook Prayer (15 minutes)
15:15 Holy Rosary
17:45 Evening Prayer
Thursdays at 17:45 Evening Prayer with Adoration of the Eucharist until 18:45


06:30 Office of Readings
07:20 Lauds
12:15 Midday Prayer (15 minutes)
16:00 Holy Mass (Sunday vigil)


06:30 Office of readings
07:45 Lauds
08:30 Holy Mass
12:15 Midday Prayer (15 minutes)
15:30 Afternoon Prayer (15 minutes)
15:45 Holy Rosary
17:45 Evening Prayer


St Benedict established a fundamental point of reference for the Unity of Europe and a strong reminder of the inalienable Christian roots of its culture and civilization.