Nuns of the enclosed Benedictine order

We are a group of young nuns of the enclosed Benedictine order in Italy and countries all over the world.

Life in the  Community is regulated according to the Rules of Saint Benedict in silence, prayer, contemplation, listening and bearing witness to the Word of God, hospitality and work.

The whole world is in our prayer and in our hearts.

Our mission

In a secularised world, which in reality is starved of sense, just the sight of a consecrated person compels people to reflect and turn their thoughts to the "things of above" (Col 3,2).

The presence of an enclosed Community reminds people that the goal of the Kingdom of Heaven is that God exists, and lives among us like a father. We wear the habit which indicates that He is our Spouse and that He alone suffices.

Our first duty is prayer and intercession, which makes us mothers and mediators of our people.

"Ora et Labora"

We wish to offer our prayers and our lives totally to Christ, to cover the world like a mantle, to attract special graces and abundance.
At the same time, the essential components of Benedictine daily life are work and hospitality. Work, together with providence, help us to live one day at a time. Welcoming those in need of human and faith related words, helps people to reestablish a relationship and contact with the Lord.