In un mondo secolarizzato, ma in realtà affamato di senso, anche solo vedere una persona consacrata costringe a porsi domande e rivolgere il pensiero "alle cose di lassù" (Col 3,2).

Our mission

Why an enclosed order of nuns?

Confronted with prevailing consumerism, hedonism, materialism? the presence of such enclosed communities brings to mind the Kingdom of Heaven, that God exists and lives among us like a Father.

We wear the habit  to show who our Spouse is and that it is He and He alone. Our first duty is  intercession which depicts us as mothers and intermediaries for our people.

Our desire is that our prayer and our life, given totally to Christ, would cover the world like a mantel.  Thus bringing to the world special graces in abbondance.

At the same time, an essential part of benedictine daily life is, of course, hospitality.  We welcome those in need  to confide  and to hear a word of faith which goes towards recovering a closeness with the Lord. This helps to find inner peace through prayer and the Word of God.

Our greatest desire is to let others know that love exists, by giving witness to the power and mercy of God and testifying  what each one of us has experienced in our own life.  By giving faith we grow in faith.


Un'esperienza di contatto con se stessi in Monastero aiuta a vivere la dimensione del silenzio, lontano dal chiasso e dagli affanni di tutti i giorni, che proiettano l'uomo fuori di sé, come se vivere fosse solo fare cose e noi fossimo soltanto corpo, anziché infinita capacità di ricevere pienezza di vita.

San Benedetto

Chi sono i Monaci benedettini?

Only an optimist like Saint Benedict could initiate the phrase “Who wants to be happy” This is the  the most profound  aspiration of the human heart and a goal which is achieveable. The secret being,  that to search happiness is to search God. He is the only one who can fulfill the need for love that each of us guards intimately.

This theme permeates the entirety of the Rules of Saint Benedict  which intend to form true Christians. The incessant search for Christ, for example,  is enabled by the vows of chastity, obedience and poverty which permit us to love him with an undivided heart (1Co. 7,34) whilst that of stability binds indissolubily the heart and soul of the consecrated to a precise monastic family, in which the others are Christ and where we  exchange the love received from him.

The experience of  life alone with Christ does not mean being far from reality. On the contrary, history shows how, wherever Convents settled, about them rose veritable towns and cities. Suddenly the Convents became unquestioned placed of spiritual reference.  But not alone that, they also propulsed centres of culture, art, architecture, craftmanship and agricultural and economic initiatives.

In his Apostolic Letter “Pacis Nuntius” Pope Paul VI recognised that Saint Benedict had the merit of having founded Europe “by the Cross, by the book, by the plough”.

La nostra Preghiera

L'ossatura fondamentale della nostra giornata è costituita dalla Liturgia delle ore, una preghiera salmica che consacra a Dio i momenti chiave e quindi la totalità del nostro tempo, rilanciando momento per momento lo stato di orazione continua.

Il nostro Lavoro

Il lavoro costituisce la nostra fonte di sostentamento oltre alla Provvidenza dei benefattori. È la regola di San Benedetto "ora et labora" che lo vuole.
Lavoriamo ricamando a mano con antiche tecniche ormai rare e producendo piccoli oggetti.