I turn personally to you, no matter where you are,  you who renounced on your own will, grasping the strong and valourous arm of obedience to fight under the true King, Christ the Lord


Who we are

Nuns from all over the world

We are a group of young nuns of the enclosed Benedictine order having our origins in Italy and from other countries.  Our Convent is in “Santa Maria delle rose” situated in Sant’Angelo in Pontano (MC).

Since 28 August 2017, after a period of four years in Aalsmeer in The Netherlands, diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam, we moved to the diocese of Montepulciano-Chiusi-Pienza.  Here we were lovingly and fatherly receiveded by Bishop Mons.Stefano Manetti and the community of the faithful.

Community of Santa Maria delle Rose

La nostra comunità nel Monastero olandese di Aalsmeer.

The Nuns of Pienza with Monsignor Stefano Manetti

Life in the Community is regulated according to the Rules of Saint Benedict, in silence, prayer, contemplation, listening and bearing witness to the Word of God, hospitality and work. The whole world is in our prayer and in our hearts.

We are in the Convent because of our "Calling". Until we received our vocation we lived our lives in the world like everyone else.

Come si sceglie di diventare monache?

Una di noi cerca di raccontarsi.

The Convent

The name of our Convent "Maria Tempio dello Spirito Santo" (Mary, Temple of the Holy Spirit) derives from the icon we chose as a symbol for our convent: Our Lady of the Holy Spirit.

Our Place

An Enclosed Order should not be considered a prison. The Benedictine Convent provides space for hospitality and Community life. Our convent has a big garden with a breathtaking view of the town of Pienza, which is part of UNESCO's world heritage.

Inside the Convent

On arrival at the convent you will be met by the sister in charge of reception. She will guide you through the appointed areas.

The Cloister

The cloistered area is on the upper floors and separated from the guest accommodation.The cloister is reserved for the Nuns and is not open to guests.

What the Nun's do

A Nun's life is rhythmed by prayer and is made up of work and daily chores. We rise very early and start our days which are rich in activity.

Our tasks include shopping, cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping. We keep ourselves informed of what is happening in the world. We read and come together in the evenings for recreation.

The Parlour and the Chapel

Guests are welcome to our convent.
Guests are received in the parlour and are welcome to join the Community for lunch or dinner in the kitchen.
We meet in the Chapel for prayer according to the Liturgy of the Hours and celebrate with a priest the Holy Sacrament of the Mass.


Gigi has been living with us for some years.
He is a parrot who follows us in everything we do. He speaks, sings and sometimes prays with us.
He is our mascot the only one allowed in our enclosure! :)